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Coconut oil for eczema, what does that mean? Before we discuss the benefits of coconut oil for eczema, first we discuss what is eczema? The word “eczema” comes from the Greek, which means the same as “boiling”. Eczema is a skin condition where the skin feels dry, scaly, itching and redness. For mild cases, eczema just feels like it, but for more severe cases, skin can be injured and bleeding.

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A two-year-old with a very itchy, chronic rash is a pretty miserable fellow. His discomfort is enough to drive a parent to the nearest pediatrician’s office without delay. The diagnosis may be eczema, or more specifically, atopic dermatitis, a common disease estimated to afflict approximately 3 percent of Americans. Atopic dermatitis is a severe, chronic form of eczema, or skin inflammation, that typically affects very young children. Physicians, though, tend

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According to a recent report, between six and ten million people (that’s approximately two percent of the population!) in the United States are allergic to cats or exhibit symptoms of cat allergy. However, people often misunderstand these symptoms. The majority believe that cat allergy is caused by allergens from the fur or cat dander (scales of the skin), when, in fact, most of the potent allergens come mainly from saliva

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What is acne? Acne is a medical problem that might not amount to anything legitimately serious in terms of a life or death situation, but it is an issue that causes those affected a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally. When my acne is bad, even now that I am an adult, it can ruin my entire day before it starts. It causes us to be self-conscious and stressed