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Coconut oil mainly consists of saturated fats and saturated fats are made up of medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids do not get oxidized easily and like other polyunsaturated vegetable oils, do not cause damage of free radicals. Creams that are available in the markets nowadays are made of polyunsaturated oils which get oxidized very quickly, causing the free radicals to present in the skin to get damaged. It is

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 Are you considering starting using coconut oil for hair? Why not? This hair oil is said to have a chemical structure that will enable you harmlessly clean, beautify, protect and nourish your hair. The fatty acids that the oil contains are said to be quite effective in moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. Coconut oil is also said to be an effective natural hair conditioner. If you are considering conditioning your

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Spring is here! And for those people who suffer from allergic rhinitis, the heavy rains from El Nino is likely to create much more than a runny nose. The fall-out from pervasive pollens and rampant airborne grass shoots are likely to make sufferers tired and irritable, and set the stage for more serious ailments, including chronic ear or sinus infections. Allergic rhinitis means, literally, an inflammation of the nose caused

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Itching, stinging, and burning is what most people with hives complain about. These blotchy patches of red elevated skin can be intensely uncomfortable, interfering with school or work, and can even keep a person from sleeping.Few doctors are surprised by the misery experienced by patients with hives. Although the condition is usually not life-threatening, it is not unusual for people with hives to end up exhausted and desperate for relief