5 foods that go clean your body

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One of the most important organs of our body, the liver needs very specific nutrients for its proper functioning. Mainly through liquids and sources of fibre, it will keep our body healthy, contributing to a better quality of life.

If every organ of the human body has a specific function – see the care that we have with gut – they also need special and specific attention to maintain our quality of life. So is the liver, one of the first parts of the body that feels the results of bad habits, especially eating. The good news is that just through food, we can leave this important piece working in an exemplary manner. When we passed the limits and surrender to the temptation of fatty foods, alcohol, or even through many medications, the liver is overloaded, because almost everything goes through him. To work around this, you need to make a detoxifying diet and consume specific foods that speed recovery.

Hydration has a role to eliminate toxins through sweat, urine and faeces – and here worth taking any liquid: water, natural juice, tea, soup and water-rich foods like watermelon. The fibres have the same role as the water but for the solid portion, removing toxins from the body and regulating bowel function. In addition, there are some foods “detox” that enhance the body’s recovery process.

Symptoms of liver problems

In the following days these exaggerations are common to feel “bitter mouth,” and according to nutritionist Giovana Morbi, “This is a sign that the body sends to indicate that we burden our liver. If it does not work well, our body does not work “. The consequences are not pleasant: fatigue, low resistance, inflammation, dull skin and weight gain.

Overall we recommend the use of fresh and raw food intake to ensure a good detoxifying amount of items, particularly fibres and water. The cabbage, for example, is an excellent combined that besides the fibre, B vitamins have neutralizing toxins and facilitate fat metabolism.

5 Foods that help the liver health

Vinegar: According to Dr Giovana, he has a substance called acetic acid, responsible for the characteristic flavour of the seasoning that works as an astringent, circling rapidly throughout the body and making a real internal cleansing.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and studies show your body’s ability to protect against intestinal infections and various cancers. “Turmeric enhances the flavour of any food! Add in seasoning your day today!” Advises Giovana.

Lemon: Lemon offers many benefits to your health, including the antioxidant function. “Try taking 1/2 cup of warm water with lemon in the morning. This habit helps the liver to remove toxins that harm the functioning of the body. In a few days will feel their energy revitalized!” Suggests nutritionist.

Green tea: Green tea stimulates the liver by increasing the elimination of toxins from our body. But the expert warns: “Beware of excess: the last cup of green tea should be taken no later than 5 pm because it is exciting and can disrupt your sleep.”

Rosemary tea: rosemary tea is digestive and also stimulate the liver. Giovana Morbi teaches: “To make the tea, prefer fresh rosemary Just put a sprig in a cup with boiling water and let stand for a few minutes, then strain the water and drink If you need to sweeten, add a little honey or mix.. . tea with a sweet taste of grass, like lemon balm or mint But do not abuse the amount: two cups of tea a day is more than enough. tea with a sweet taste of grass, like lemon balm or mint But do not abuse the amount: two cups of tea a day is more than enough

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